The Boy with a Suitcase


High in Georgia's Caucasus Mountains, journalist Charlie Breen is searching for a group of refugees fleeing persecution. What starts out as a rescue mission turns into a battle for survival, as love and greed twist the hearts of those around her. Charlie must draw on all her strength and experience to protect herself and the life of young Alexei Kobevko, an innocent pawn in a dangerous game.       

The Empathy Code
The Empathy Code_Cover R4.jpg

Should robots make life and death decisions?

Mishra O’Connor doesn’t think so. But the international community is torn as the window to outlaw killer robots closes.

To influence the debate, Mishra O’Connor and her activist friends plan to expose a suspect swarm robotics project. But it’s complicated. Mishra believes human rights belong to all humans, even her target, Philip Templeton. Philip is a crack coder working for the Australian military. He’s awkward, obsessive and disconcertingly sweet.

Hurt one man or endanger the many? Mishra has to decide what’s right and live with the consequences.